We wish you a Merry Christmas

Thanks for an amazing 2017, Soph and I had an incredible year of coaching, Herb, and keeping this little place neat and lovely for you all. 
Big thanks to Lachlan, Ryan & Olli for giving us support in various ways the past 12 months and beyond. 

To our members, there is so much to say and few words to capture the rapture. It has been the greatest year for Myself thanks to you guys. My job is truly a great one, thanks to you all. So many little things happen from you guys, Karen cleaning the towels without ever being asked, filling soaps etc, Ness, Jenna, Kmack, Curtis always helping me clean, print shit off or just upholding the ethos of Cohort no matter your setting. The boys (myles, fisho, marlin,brad, layno) from hanging boards, to the donation of the TV to jumping in on HERB last minute... 

Thanks to;
The Commited 5:00am for never leaving me empty, the 6:00am becoming the "New' Class to be at.. who would've thought it from those lonely mornings. The 9:30 Lifestyle crew for always welcoming 9:30am and being the easiest class to teach by far. 4:30 for providing the type of ethos the embodies why I became a coach...
5:30pm...well, you all know x. Dirty 6:30pm for creating a family, for support and diversity. And the SLUTS, thanks for being above yourself and just sticking with us even though your hours make it hard to get here.

I just wanted to say all the little things you think go unnoticed never do, and in this small, small business, they mean a lot to me, so thank you.

I wish you all a beautiful christmas, I hope its full of smiles and hope.
2018 let's show the world. COHORT




Split Jerk + Jerk Drop

7x1 From Rack

Start at M

Pairs 18min Amrap

44 Wall Balls


44 Box Jumps

22 DB Sqaut Clean 22/15 Kb 20/12

44 Chest to Bar Pullups

*CF Performance

CF Open Prep 15.4

AMRAP for 8 minutes:

3 Handstand push-ups

3 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

6 Handstand push-ups

3 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

9 Handstand push-ups

3 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

12 Handstand push-ups

6 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

15 Handstand push-ups

6 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

18 Handstand push-ups

6 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

21 Handstand push-ups

9 Cleans (185lbs / 125lbs)

5 DB Bench Press RPE9

5 Strict Ring Pullups

10 TTB

10 Mtr HS Walk

10 Cal Air Dyne REP9