My friend Amir coming up with some goods for you heading into the new cycle with sumo deadlifts. There are plenty of videos i'm sure on deadlifts and shitty coaches, unfortunately that's the world we live in. I've had the pleasure of working with this guy, and he's understanding and wisdom in imparting that knowledge is why I trust his words and his process. Also if you're one of those unfortunate people who only believe someone if they lift more than you or are better than you, he has you covered there as well. 

*CrossFit Health


Emom x 3

1) 8- Burpee Box Jump

2) 8- Butterfly Circles

3) 16- KB Swings 24/16


Front Squat + Barbell Row

4x7 start 55%+

BO Row 4x12


9 min Amrap

21- OH Plate lunge 45/25lb

15- Burpee 2 Plate

9- Toes to Bar


*CrossFit Performance


Emom x 5

1) Ring Muscle Ups

2) 50 Double Unders

3) Rest


Back Squat + DB Single Arm Row

5x4 start @72.5%



7 Min Amrap

Total Snatch 135/95 (Power)

Total Cal Row

Acc x 4

Laying Rope Pulls x12

5 Heavy Ass Turkish Get Ups each side