*CrossFit Health

Monday Hatch wk4

Pullup or M/U Emomx7 rnds

Choose any Pullup or M/Up

work effeciency and tech

choose rep scheme that can

be maintained for 7 rounds

for example 7x3 M/Up or

7x7 C2bar or 7x3 Butterfly Prac



Amrap 15 Mins

10 K/BDB thrusters Double arm

4 Burpee Broad Jumps

10 Sarm Snatch

*CrossFit Performance

Monday HCycle Deload (wk5)

Back Squat + Bar M/Ups

8/6/4/4 + 3-7


15 Min Amrap

30- Squats

20- Hspu

10- Dlifts 225/155

ACC: 4 Rnds

2 Heavy TGU

4 False Grip Ring Pullups

6 Rev Fly Complex 20/10lb

8 KB Cosaks Slow