HERB WEEK (Thursday)

Stay clear minded. Why do I train? Ask yourself this when you feel yourself frustrated. There are many reason you all joined a fitness studio of this style... The alternative was bleak and the search was for 'something different'. You've found it, along the way the goal constantly evolves. You seek more, more weight, more weight loss, more Pr's, more volume, more skills. You seek less, less mobility issues, less cardio restraint, less time not hitting Rx, less time with the kids ;)

Either way, on this journey your seeking to get better in some small way. So when your getting frustrated in a Wod, you cant hit double unders or you cant over head squat or you cant finish the HSPU in the workout, remember where you were six months ago, six bloody years ago. Remember no body cares, no one cares about your Over head squat, no body cares about your PR snatch. THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. 

If your frustrated the issue will never be the movement, it will never be the load, it wont be the time set out to achieve it. It will be how far you've actually gone to Seek improvement. 

External frustration = Internal Battle. 
Fight to Seek Better

*CrossFit Health



30 Snatch 135/95 Cap 11mins

EMOM x 4 Max Reps

Row Call

DB Press



*CrossFit Performance