FRIDAY- Heading to TASMANIA FOR NATIONALS- See ya'll soon xxx

At one time in my life I was 102kgs, void of inspiration and barely a drive to survive. 
Today as I board the flight to Hobart I'm 29 years old and 75kgs. Im heading to compete in my first ever Nationals for olympic lifting.  I care not for the result but the experience. I will stand proud upon the platform with the growth of myself and those I've managed to engage in both sport and life. Many mistakes and wounds will be healed as I take flight under the barbell. For all the suffering both in and out of training for once will have purpose. My life will not be defined by the outcome, my passion not changed, my smile not softened. I will think of all, we as a gym, have accomplished both good and bad, emotion and elation, Nationals Bound.

*CrossFit Health





Amrap in 12minutes.

7- Toes 2 Bar

7- S/Ar DB S2Oh per/side 20/15

7- DB Clean per/side

21 -D-Unders/ 44- S-Unders

*CrossFit Performance


Split Jerk From Rack

5x2 to heavy doubles

7 Minute Ladder

15- KB Thrusters

2- Legless RC 5/6 bites

AMRAP in 7 mins

9- P/Snatch 135/100

50 D/Unders


2 Rounds

1min Chinese Plank

30sec Side Plank L

30sec Side Plank R

30 hollow rock