I sat with the irrevocably and unconditionally real human that is Justine Beath. Her story took me to a special place. From bulimia to the CrossFit games, from growing up in a deaf family to changing the lives of hundreds.
She came up on my radar significantly with her decision to take year out of CrossFit and realign her ‘whys’ with her ‘hows’ after competing in the 2015 CrossFit games…
She gave me more than I could’ve hoped for and I’m better for having to heard her story. Whilst you listen to her, remind yourself we don’t know each other besides the common, ‘hey how you doing’ at a comp or passing. You could barely tell with her compassion and honesty she gave me. Truly a great experience I get to share with you all.

*CrossFit Health


A) 3 Mins Max Snatch Anyhow

HD or 70% of Max Snatch


B) Amrap 10Min *MD

10 Power Clean

10 Back Squat

5 Bar Mu or C2bar

5 Burpee O Bar


C) 5 Min Childs Pose


*CrossFit Performance


Front Squat

Build to daily 3 rm (14min clock)


Amrap 12minutes

5/3 Ring Muscle Ups


15 Power Snatch 75/55


Bike 3:1

4 rounds

15/10 Cal+ 10 Burpee