Before RowWod there was this dude. His name is kelly, he is an absolute guru when it comes to CrossFit specific fixes. He wrote the book 'becoming the supple leopard' and has a much more aggressive and results based approach to tackling mobility or niggles. Check him out. 

*CrossFit Health


a) Clean & Jerk


b) T2 Bar Kip Prac

Emom x6

Pic a number work linking

c) Amrap 16mins

100 Double Unders 250 Singles

40/30 Pullups

40 Hand stand push ups/ DB s2oh

40 Pistols / Banded Psitols/ Box Pistols

20 Cal Row

*CrossFit Performance


a) Snatch

Heavy Doubles

6x2 E90Sec

b) Jerk Complex

Split Jerk + Jerk from split

6x1 E90Sec

c) Snatch Grip Deadlift

5x3 @100% of your max snatch

straps if you have them.

Snatch Technique Not DL

d) AirDyne/ Ski Splits

10 Rounds of 30 second splits (RAN)