CrossFit Health


Power Snatch

1x12 BB

2x5 W/U

3x3 > 75%

Total Reps

3 Rounds

b) Deadlifts 185/115

b) Box Dips/ Box Push Up

c) C2bPullups/ Pullups/Band

d) Box Jump

e) Rest 1 minute

CrossFit Performance


a) Floor Press

5x5 + superset

12 Rev Flys

b)14.4 Amrap 14min

60 Calorie Row

50 Toes to Bar

40 Wallballs

30 Cleans 135lbs/95lbs

20 Muscle-ups

When finished mark your score

then continue to finish a total

of 40/35/30 Muscle ups in a

more chilled fashion.