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This class is for those who are nervous about jumping in straight up. We offer this class to try free each week. The class is a replica of our CrossFit class and gives people a simpler approach to trying CrossFit. This class is for those who've never been in either a CrossFit gym or gym. All people welcome.


CrossFit is our bread & butter. It's where the heart of our community lies and 95% of our timetable and coaching is done. It's beginner friendly but also has options for advanced athletes alike. Anyone can try this class, though it's recommended you have some baseline understanding of whats to come.


A class dedicated to those looking to compete in CrossFit. This class is larger in volume and technical tasks. The class is open to anyhow, however it's recommended you have 12months CrossFit experience first. If you attend this class, please be early and do your warm up and accessories before class.