our team

Cohort is built on the premise of changing lives, as such, all members of our team have a story of how CrossFit has personally touched or changed them for the better. From our consultants,  coaches and even our accountants, we're all indebted to this beautiful sport in some way.

Our team has accolades and credibility beyond your wildest dreams, but we don't need to dive into these. 
Our team are great people, and that is what we're proud of. 
We're proud of the ethos we deliver. 



Sophia flies the Elite banner for the rest of us here at Cohort. The competition is fierce these days in the female CrossFit scene and we're privileged to have our own hero in our team. The triple threat of beauty, brains and brawn, making Sophia one of a kind to Cohort. We're honoured to have her with us and look forward to watching her flourish.


With a masters in Exercise Physiology and the research in female hormones, KT adds another dynamic and intelligent feather in the Cohort Cap. We are taken by her personality and prowess for movement. Her balanced approach to health and fitness is highly valued in our team. She’s truly appreciated and needed at Cohort.



The big "Olympian", yep! This guy has literally donned the green and gold from head to toe in the Australian bobsleigh team. His larger than life presence, both physically and emotionally makes him a unique and highly desirable coach. 10 years in CrossFit, his charm and charisma, Lachie is like a smart older brother to us all. 



Young Oliver is on board with us taking care of our 'juniors' at Cohort. He is undertaking his HSC and working, the guy is a work horse. Oliver is a billboard of CrossFit's life changing effects. Oli has a tremendous love for this sport and community. We look forward to Olivers growth with us. 



As owner/ operator, Pauls' passion has him constantly reaching and pushing Cohort to it's limits. A national weightlifter, a chef, a compassionate writer and veteran coach, Paul is greatly devoted to his culture and community at Cohort CrossFit. 
Every ship needs a captain and we're headed for gold on the Cohort.