7:00am Skill: Kipping
Hollow (shoulders prime movers)
Hollow to Pop (toes snap hollow hips)
Hollow to Pop to Pull
At intensity so long as mechanics are sound.

Workout: 12 min Amrap
21- Double KB Power Cleans
15- Push Ups (quality or add ab mat or band)
9-  Burpee O Box

8:00am Performance Class

a) 5 rounds
Deadlift + Floor Press
DL= Heavy ass triples
FP= Heavy twelves

b) 27-21-18-15
Thruster 95/65
Burpee o bar

c)4 RFT:
15 H/P Cleans 135/95
10 Strict HSPU
5/3 Strict Muscle Ups

d) 4 Rounds
12 DB SARm rows
12 Upright Rows 8/12kg KB
12 V-Snap

9:00am CrossFit Health
Front Squat 7/7/5/3/3
+ Hang Muscle Cleans
3 per set of F/Squat

Teams of Two 16 minute Amrap.
100 double under buy in only
44- Double KB Power Cleans
22- Push Ups (quality or add ab mat or band)
11-  Burpee O Bo