Real- Nike

Image: Herber Cannon

Image: Herber Cannon


If somehow in the past 3 months you haven’t been captivated by a short film or series from Nike you’ve been under a rug. More goosebumps have been coiling the arms and necks of us all as Nike continue to dominate the world of story telling through apparel.

Suggested at a net worth of 37 Billion, Nike won’t let up. This recent focus on women in sport and Nike’s relentless pursuit to tell the tales of its’ ambassadors, it’s hard not to expect another spike in Nike’s attack on the market and domination of previous leaders, Adidas.

To drop a a slow harrowing violin behind an edited magic piece of footage is nothing new, nor does highlighting the ability of our female athletes and give light to those usually in the dark spark the fire and desire to drop your hard earned on apparel. Anyone holding an Iphone can create content from the palm of their hand in under 10 minutes and have it viewed on Youtube world wide.

The irony in it all, is that it’s real. Right now Nike is simply being honest, raw and unrelenting in its delivery of the real stories of its people. As the world becomes more entrenched in fake, in the pursuit for attention, in the saturation of images, so called influences, Nike goes back and shows us REAL.

Refugee’s, adaptive athletes and the most dominating women in the history of sport are delivering their realities via Nike’s “Crazy” ad series. Nike is giving us the confidence to dream. Its showing us that real dedication is rewarded with real results.

In a time where apparel companies and social media is using images of supermodels and influencers to play on the insecurities of the public, to profit from the internal suffering of others, Nike is lifting us up. The internal relationships of us all are on show via the top 1% of their athletes sharing their journeys with us.

In a time of fake, real wins.

Be real.