Proud of our people



Everyone thinks their family is the best. At Cohort we're no different. We've seen so many wonderful people over the past years, it's hard to imagine our little gym when she first opened. Some of these guys n gals have been with Paul since pre-CrossFit. Ella, this wonderful human on the right, has been with us over 7 years. 

We run charity events together, we workout together, we coffee together and we go through real life issues as a team. We support and push each other to be better human beings.  The word Cohort is the definition of what we are; a band of like minded individuals striving for a common purpose. As life becomes less and less connected, we are endeavouring to take it back to community.

Get to the white board, drop your name, slap some high fives and help us change lives. 

As a gym, there is truly nothing we can say but thank you.
Our community make us.