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Cohort CrossFit is a family run business with a care for culture. Whilst providing a facility for the beginner and elite alike, Cohort has maintained its purpose: to change lives. The Central Coast's central facility for CrossFit providing quality and care to our community. 
Cohort CrossFit is the journey you're searching for. 


Their stories

'It changed my life, you changed my life.'

Cohort is like a family, there's so much love and support from everyone. Nowhere else on the planet could I walk through the doors after a hard day in a bad mood and within 5 mins of warm up and banter life is good again. My teenage daughter trains with us, giving her incredible role models in sport and life. The coaches epic and always ready to assist me with technique, nutrition and fight prep. 

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'To come together with a singular purpose or goal.'

At Cohort we use the term team definitively, to produce the desired outcome. Paul and his family of coaches, with over 20 years experience between them, are constantly adapting to the needs of an ever-changing sport and industry that is Strength and Conditioning. The support this team has for each other is unmatched in businesses alike. The passion and fire they bring to the community is indicative of what makes Cohort CrossFit so intoxicating. 

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'Education is the most powerful tool to change a person's life.'

Social media is here to stay. We've adapted and adopted it, to stay at the forefront of educating our in house and greater community. From PodCasts to Vlogs to Instagram and blogs, Cohort is immersed in the game of both entertaining and educating those looking for self empowerment and knowledge. 
The quality and content we are producing will open the door to educating and connecting both yourself to others and yourself to us. 



'You must always begin with the end in mind.'

The best programme in the world, is the one someone will follow. After a decade Cohort has become the chameleon of CrossFit programming, adapting and fitting the needs of the community and science as it evolves. Cohort uses Strength and Conditioning across it's 3 tiers of programming. We take people from walking the dogs to the fittest person they can be, if they chose that path, or we provide 1 hour of solace and self work to enhance their life outside of the gym.